Flavoursome and Sustainable

The Purpose of Repurpose

Natural plant-based food doesn’t just taste better, it’s a fact that it benefits both you and the environment. So instead of contributing to the 6.4 million tonnes of edible food thrown away every year, we upcycle surplus fruit and vegetables from local suppliers and give it new life.  But none of this would be of any advantage if the food we produce for our partners isn’t 100% delicious. We create everything in-house so we’re in complete control over taste and texture, but we also oversee packing and logistics to ensure planet-friendly best practice wherever possible.

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How We Forage


We have regular orders for specific examples of surplus stock, but we also adapt our recipes with what’s available each season or being wasted. The process of regenerating local ingredients is a unique technique that combines experience and creativity, and the results speak for themselves.


If you’re interested to see how a commodity goes from a concept to a fully realised item, we’d be more than happy to take you through the process. You can browse the range of our achievements as an in-house endeavour or with one of our selected partners by checking the gallery below.


We assist like-minded partners in the development of fresh, market-ready food with a low MOQ. And we’re always looking to help create delicious recipes and products with organisations who appreciate our ethics. Please contact us to discover more.

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