Pushing culinary boundaries in menu development and innovation – we work at the intersection of traditional craft and emerging food trends. We are industry experts across food, beverage and hospitality consultancy – bringing to the table a unique, exciting experience. Introducing enticing products, concepts and dishes – we work with any business, big or small.

Driving operational excellence – Services tailored bespoke for your business

Food Consultancy

Our dedicated team of food & beverage industry experts can offer you a wide range of hospitality consultancy services that will help your business thrive. Specialising in Menu Development, Concept Development, Sustainable Food Consultancy and much more — we’ll have the right solutions for you. Browse our services to see how we can work with you or get in touch with our team today.

Production/Food Waste Repurposing

We manufacture delicious plant-based food products in our East London site, utilising ingredients from a diverse range of local partners. Driven by our desire to constantly reduce our environmental impact, we repurpose food waste to create unique, innovative and market ready food products. Our small batch sustainable food production services can be tailored to you – visit our Forage page to find out more.

Who We Are

With over 30 years experience in the food manufacturer, bakery, food, beverage & hospitality industry – our team of industry experts have an extensive background in kitchens, operations and back office. From multi-brand operations, pop-up restaurants, wholesale retail manufacture to Michelin fine dining – Our team has the experience to help any food business flourish.