Analysis & Optimization

Using expert analysis and insight – we’ll help you optimise your business

Through deep analysis of your current operations, we’ll work with you to improve your business — maximising profit and customer satisfaction. We take no shortcuts with our analysis and we’ll take a deep look into how your brand aligns with current trends, the experience of your customers and the performance of your menu. We’ll also look at your back office operations, your kitchen and your processes to ensure your business is working as effectively and efficiently as possible. We know what works for your competition and can help you both appeal to their customers but also set you apart using our insights of emerging trends and analysis of the market.

A fresh set of expert eyes on your business can help elevate you to the next level and we’re ready to use our expertise to ensure your business can grow and thrive. We focus our analysis and optimisation work in 3 core areas:

Customer Experience

We’ll look at your business through the lens of your target customer base and provide insights to help you ensure continuous appeal. Ranging from the design of your site, your branding, POS systems and pricing — we’ll evaluate how well your business is appealing to your target customers and offer innovative and effective solutions


We will use our expertise in creating delicious and visually appealing menus to ensure your menu is attractive to customers, on trend — and cost effective too. We can help you develop an exciting new menu or breathe new life into an existing menu that needs some fresh appeal.

Kitchen & Back Office

Is your back office and kitchen running as smoothly as possible? Do you have the right technology in place? Our expert team will do a full review of all your back office operations to make sure you’re running as efficiently as possible — and that your kitchen can work as effectively as possible.