Menu Development

Work with us to develop innovative menus that will ‘wow’ your customers.

Develop menus that not only keep costs low and drive profitability but excite your customers — existing and new. We’ll work with you to create bespoke menus, tailored specifically to your brand and the customers you want to attract. We’ll work closely with your kitchen to utilise the existing skills and experience of your staff and use this to help develop a menu that truly works for you!

We will build on our vast experience in the food industry and our continuous insight into emerging trends, to research your target market and help develop an enticing new menu — or breathe new life into an existing menu that needs a bit of TLC.

We’ll make sure your menu is cost effective, supply chains are consistent and no money is wasted — without compromising on fun or flavour. Working closely with your kitchen, we’ll ensure you deliver delicious food which looks and tastes as good as it sounds on the menu.

When your menu is ready — we’ll make sure your kitchen is too! Staff will be trained to understand how to deliver a menu which truly represents your vision and attracts new customers, driving sales and profitability.

Work with us once or keep us for an ongoing consultancy and refresh your menu seasonally and for special events.