Product Development

We’ll work with you to develop innovative, market ready products

Whether your idea is already formulated or you are still in the early stages — we can take your product right through from concept to launch. We’ll use our expertise and experience working with a diverse range of customers to develop a product that truly speaks to your brand and maximises sales.

We specialise in developing products which aim to use ethical, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients where possible — without compromising on flavour or profitability! Our process will ensure your product truly reflects the values of your brand and those that your customers identify with.

We have experience in developing multiple products sold in major supermarkets and retailers and also work with restaurants to develop products which speak to their menus and brand. Working with you, we’ll develop products which appeal to a wide audience or use our expertise to target a more niche and specialised market. We can deliver a wider range of products through a measured and detailed approach working closely with your business to take your product from a concept — all the way to market.