Sustainability & Ethicality Consultation

Helping you on your journey to a sustainable future

Working to make your business more sustainable and ethical is not only a commitment which will have a positive impact on the planet — but one that will positively impact your profits too. Customers are becoming increasingly concerned with the impact of their consumption and are more selective about where they spend their money. Using multiple years of experience in sustainable food production and consultancy, we’ll work to ensure your menus, supply chains and products are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

We’ll work closely with your business to understand how sustainable your practices are currently and put together a tailor made action plan, bespoke to the needs of your business. We’ll support you to create and serve food which has minimal impact on the environment without compromising on creativity, taste, or your profit margin. We can take you every step of the way to a more sustainable future – from menu development, existing and new product development, supplier sourcing, staff training, and more. We will help your business be kind to both the planet and your pocket.